The benefits of Pugilist Brand's amber bottles for beard oil and pre-shave oil February 13, 2014 19:01

We've been working non-stop on launching our online store, working for between 10 - 12 hours a day for about 4 weeks now. In addition to the months of research and arriving at the initial concept. We were tasked with a variety of  challenges, everything from sourcing the finest, most natural ingredients, to which specific containers to use. Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products wanted as natural and old school a look as possible, so we chose amber glass,  or maybe the amber glass chose us. We read the amber color protects the fine oils from photo and UV light and definitely didn't want plastic after all the things we've read in the news about the harm of storing things, i.e water in plastic bottles. I remember finding old Victorian bottles buried in the ground as a kid and wondering what marvelous exotic products they once contained? Maybe my bottles will be around in 100 years, but I doubt it as they're meant to be recycled! Hey these could be collectible in a hundred years?! 


In essence and to summarize, the main benefits of amber glass bottles are;

  • Protection from UV and other types of harmful light which may degrade the  natural products contained within
  • Recyclability of the glass
  • Glass will not react with the essential oils or leach and release any sort of poison and toxins into the product
  • It also looks old school and prettier on your bathroom shelf........... a major consideration for most guys right?!

Well that's just the time and effort I've put into selecting a container for Pugilist Brand Natural Grooming products. There's still e-commerce, fonts, labels, logos, shipping, sourcing natural ingredients to be worked on and finalized..............................