People are strange June 6, 2014 17:04

I had the most bizarre experience on my way to do my shipments today.

I'd nearly reached home after a trip to the Post Office, when this guy in his 20's ran across Wilshire Blvd ( a very busy 4 lane main arterial street in L.A). He was lucky not to get his by traffic coming in both directions. He was really sweaty and agitated and I noticed a bunch of people across the street who looked like they were either following or chasing him?! He was wearing socks but no shoes?? A few yards away was a normal looking lady in her 50's unloading a dog from her car. This guy approached her, grabbed the dog's leash and they started pulling and struggling over it. At this point the guy pushed the lady down onto the sidewalk. I ran to her aid and shouted at her attacker. He ran across the street, again through 4 lanes of traffic without getting hit. 
Here's where it gets even more strange....I asked the lady if she was okay and was about to help her. She looked at me really pissed off and screamed " This was all planned by the police" ?!?! She then followed that up with " This was all a piece of street theater". Jumped in her car and left. The guy had been tackled by strangers on the other side of the street, three cop cars pulled up and arrested him. The truly bizarre thing was the lady's reaction?!??! A loony attacked by another random loony. Was she in shock?? No idea, but the whole thing was quite surreal?!?!?! Jim Morrison was correct I guess........