Benefits of Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap August 25, 2014 16:09

Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap is the best soap for beards & mustaches due to the Organic oils and all natural ingredients such as Juniper Berries, Peppermint Leaf, Orange Peel, Barley and Oats, which help under beard skin exfoliation.

We use only all natural plant based herbs and therapeutic essential oils in Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap, NOT inexpensive fragrances. Expensive aroma therapy based essential oils such as Pine, Spruce & Fir Needle, Cassia, Clove bud, Orange, Lavender & Peppermint. In most cases, herbs provide the color, however our essential oils also contribute a little color. 

Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap contains certified organic oils with a base oil mixture that is the best available. The base blend of organic oils does not dry out or irritate the skin. We refuse to use synthetic chemicals found in commercial soap bars ( which are really more detergents than soap). The main agents in commercial soap can cause irritation, drying  out your skin and whiskers leading to 'Beard Dandruff', little flakes of dry skin similar to regular scalp dandruff. The  palm oil in our Organic Beard Soap is from a supplier who is voted number one in sustainability by Greenpeace. 



Fragrance oils are synthetically made substitutes for essential oils. Many inexpensive commercial soaps, even those labeled "natural" contain fragrance oils. Many times, a soap is labelled  "contains essential oils." However, such a label can be deceptive --as a bearded Gentleman it's always important to check if your soap ALSO contains fragrance oils. Fragrance oils can be problematic because, as synthetic compounds, they dry out your skin and irritate sensitive skin. All Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap, as purely herbal soaps, contain only plant extracted cold pressed essential oils. We recommend our bearded friends and customers always read a product's label. If the commercial soap bars ingredients label include the words "fragrance," "perfume," or "parfum," then it's usually synthetically fragranced,  not "natural", even though its labeling may state it is a "natural soap".


Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap contains no SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). SLS is are often added to commerically available soap to increase lather.  As synthetic compounds, SLS and other surfactants dry out your skin, beard and mustache. Pugilist Brand Organic Beard Soap use neither SLS nor any other surfactants. We think you'll agree that a high quality soap made from organic oils that doesn't depend on surfactants for its lather, is better for your beard, mustache and underlying facial skin. Our Organic Beard Soap has a truly magnificent, opulent - and most beneficially- completely natural lather.

If you care about growing a healthy, lustrous, shiny  beard this is the beard soap you should be using, in conjunction with Pugilist Brand Beard Oil and Gentlemen's Beard Wash. The size of our soap is 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches and 4 oz in net weight. A nice big bar for weeks of beard washing for a mere $10, we also offer a Four soap Sampler which gives you 4 X 1 oz. of all Pugilist Brand Organic Soaps for $11.

How to use: Wash beard and underlying skin 2 to 3 times a week with beard soap. You can alternate with our  even more gentle Gentlemen's Beard Wash if you live or work in especially  dusty, dirty  or dry conditions and/or have oily skin.

Due to the Organic nature of our soap bar we recommend patting dry the bar of soap and leaving it on a well drained dry soap dish between uses. It does not contain caking agents, chemicals or preservatives and will become sticky and not last as long if treated like inexpensive store bought commercial soap bars.

We hope you enjoy our Organic Beard Soap in pursuit of all your hirsute activities. Happy Bearding!