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Pugilist Brand introduces Premium quality handmade Beard Balm. Firstly let's talk about the  product options currently available to condition and style your beard and mustache. Essentially there are three options, each one of the three options has various viscosity ( product consistency) and styling properties. Listed below are the product choices according to conditioning, sculpting, styling and holding abilities; 

Beard Oil is a liquid tonic conditioning oil that hydrates and softens facial hair, while adding a natural, lustrous shine and fragrance. Beard Oil helps reduce beard itch, which is common during the first 3  - 4 weeks of beard growth, eliminates beard dandruff ( dry flakes of skin eminating from the underlying skin beneath your beard, due to dryness and lack of moisture), helps hold down flyway, stray rogue hairs whilst transforming dull, dry and wiry facial hair into healthy and vigorous facial hair. 

Beard oil ingredients vary greatly from inexpensive Grapeseed Oils or Hempseed Oils as the the base carrier oil ingredient to more expensive, complex and beneficial Jojoba and Argan oils. Pugilist Brand uses a specially formulated blend of  Sweet Almond oil, Argan, Jojoba and a little Castor Oil.

Please read about the benefits of Pugilist Brand Beard Oil here on our previous article;

Mustache & Beard Wax On the opposite end of the thickness and sculpting scale to Beard Oil is  Mustache and Beard Wax.  Specifically used for  styling  larger mustaches, especially the king of all mustaches, the Handlebar mustache! Mustache and Beard Wax  are extremely stiff and can even be somewhat brittle in cold climates.

 Mustache & Beard Wax is made of several varying ingredients, depending on the manufacturer, however Beeswax is the most common ingredient due to it's holding power.  Again the user should read the label as some waxes contain less expensive oils and even  harmful petroleum based products. Pugilist Brand Mustache Wax is handmade and contains all natural petroleum-free ingredients, as well as  100% Beeswax & Carnauba Wax, the stiffest natural vegetable wax available to aid in your hirsute sculpting activities, or as we like to say 'It's magnificently malleable'.

Ingredients and a description of our Mustache Wax can be perused here;



Beard Balm

Beard balm is a hybrid solution between Beard Oil & Beard Wax.  A Premium Beard Balm should offer all the conditioning properties of Beard Oil, combined with the sculpting and styling power of Mustache Wax.  Beard Balm is specifically for the Bearded Gentleman who has problem flyway or rogue facial hairs or indeed a longer beard that requires styling.

Beard Balm should be used in preference to Beard Oil when more styling and holding power is needed, for a night out on the town  or more formal functions where a more groomed and tamed look is desired.  Beard BalmTransforms your beard into a magnificent beacon of Masculine handsomeness, conditioning with the properties of a Beard Oil whilst providing the styling benefits of Mustache & Beard Wax.  


Pugilist Brand Beard Balm A rich, luxurious handmade natural Styling Beard Balm formulated with THE best conditioning oils of Argan & Jojoba, combined with skin soothing and hair hydrating properties of Shea Butter and firm sculpting attributes of 100% pure Beeswax.

We only place the Pugilist Brand label and logo on the best balm on the market, so we chose to use non-comedogenic Shea Butter rather than less expensive skin & pore clogging Coconut Oil or Cocoa Oil which can cause spots and even acne breakouts.

Don't take our word for it. Here is a link to  the Comedogenic ratings of oils, butters and waxes. You'll probably agree you shouldn't be rubbing balms containing Cocoa butter and Coconut Oil all over your beard and face?!

Pugilist Brand additionally uses expensive liquid gold Argan & Joboba Oils, costing five times more than cheaper inexpensive oils found in many Beard Balms on the market. Why? Because they're simply the best ingredients for growing, conditioning, maintaining and styling your beard!

As always we promise to scent our Pugilist Brand Premium Gentlemen's Grooming products with aroma therapy based  natural essential oils, the same four magnificent fragrances as our Pugilist Brand Beard Oil.

Pugilist Brand Beard Balm comes in a 1 oz tin so it's a handy size to carry in your pocket for all day taming of flyaway rogue whiskers.

Want a 2 oz  tin? Well, although it's made with the best ingredients it's still affordable enough to buy 2 at a time and is priced in-line with many 2 oz tins out there, just in case you want to change it up a bit with a different fragrance, or have more on hand without weighing down your pocket.

Sculpt, style and condition your rebellious bristles with Pugilist Brand Beard Balm.