Beard History. Part 2; Mesopotamia, Ancient Iran & Ancient India September 29, 2014 13:35


Civilizations  of Mesopotamia (Sumerian, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans and Medians)

The lands between rivers"; Arabic: بلاد الرافدين‎ (bilād al-rāfidayn); Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܢܗܪܝܢ Beth Nerain "land of rivers") is a name for the area between the major rivers of the Tigris & Euphrates, now what is considered modern-day Iraq, part of Syria, Southwestern Iran & small parts of modern day Turkey.

Considered to be the pre-biblical cradle of ancient civilization.

The men of Ancient Mesopotamia  spent a  great deal of time caring for their beards with an  ancient predecessor of Beard Oil, they used tongs and curling irons to create decorative ringlets.

Ancient Iran

The Ancient Iranians grew long beards, all Iranian Kings wore such beards. One Ancient Iranian bearded King ordered his steward's head to be cut off, and on its being brought to him, remarked, "what a pity it was,that a man possessing such fine mustache & beard should have been executed."

Iranian warriors adorning their long beards with ornate jewelry. 

Ancient India

In ancient India, the beard was grown long to symbol wisdom & dignity. Great care was taken of beards in Ancient India,   and the punishment for adultery was to publicly cut off the beard of the offending man.

Such was the value and regard for beards in Ancient India that a man might pledge it for the payment of a debt.