Pugilist Brand Beard Care & Grooming Kit Drawstring Gift Bags November 17, 2014 11:36

In the early days of prizefighting & boxing, the winning pugilist would take home his winnings in an old-fashioned drawstring bag called a 'purse'. While the name may titillate, there was nothing feminine about such purses, most were claimed  by the victor after bare-knuckle fights with no pre-set rounds or time limits, the winner simply beating the loser unconscious or worse.  A drawstring purse was a crude precursor to the wallet, the term 'purse' for the monies awarded to the fighters is still used today in modern boxing.

Many Pugilist Brand Grooming kits come in a masculine burlap drawstring bag,  harking back to the origins of contact blood sports. In contrast with the past, the prize contained within are the best natural Premium Beard Oils, Organic Soaps, Beard Balms, Mustache Waxes and Gentlemen's Grooming products available on the market, made by Pugilist Brand right here in Santa Monica, California. 

These make great birthday& holiday gifts for men as well as ideal stocking stuffers, they even come with a with a double sided gift card attached, so all you have to do is sign your name.  Unlike the bare knuckle fighters of old you won't need to put your good looks on the line as our cost to you are much more reasonable.

See Pugilist Brand's range of products such as Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Organic Beard Soap and The Combination Shaving Soap & Oil system available in the aforementioned masculine burlap Pugilist style drawstring gift bags with a double sided gift tag by clicking on the link below;