NEW Absinthe Beard Oil ( Black Licorice & Spice) February 18, 2015 13:35 1 Comment

Pugilist Brand Absinthe Beard Oil - For all Bearded Bohemian artistes and lovers of black licorice. Aniseed & Fennel with Hyssop, Coriander & Angelica Root herb & spice essential oils, as faithful to the original 19th century recipe as we could make it.  A favorite tipple of many Belle Époque painters, writers, free-thinkers and madmen. DO NOT DRINK, FOR TOPICAL USE ON FACIAL HAIR ONLY!


There has been a long fascination with Absinthe, a drink surrounded by myth, rumors and an infamous reputation. 

Absinthe's roots lie in Ancient Egypt before being adopted by the French 200 years ago using local herbs, Aniseed, Fennel  & Wormwood. Spain was another popular location for absinthe, and the  only one never to have banned the beverage. In the U.S. New Orleans also holds a strong connection to absinthe. 

It became the drink of choice for artists, writers, and intellectuals such as Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh with a reputation for hallucinations and wild behavior. 

A popular nickname for absinthe is la fee verte (“the green lady”)  

France’s Belle Époque (Beautiful Era) a time of peace and progress prior to World War I, public opinion of absinthe soured due to scandals and a bad reputation. Moving from vogue status to disgust and outright banning in Belgium, Brazil, Holland, Switzerland, and the United States in 1912. France, the epicenter of absinthe culture, finally banned absinthe in 1915.

Absinthe is now popular again and we wanted to produce a beard oil in reverence to it's artistic reputation.

Our Beard Oil contains Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond & Castor Carrier Oils for topical application to beards and facial hair to stimulate growth at the hair follicle, add sheen, prevent dryness and split ends treating both facial hair and underlying skin. Our Premium beard oils also alleviate beard itch and beard dandruff.

Essential Oils for aromatherapy and scent are added.

Aniseed & Fennel - Sweet, spicy and reminiscent of black licorice

Coriander ( Cilantro) - Sweet, herbaceous and warm, a very faint curry aroma. Refreshing and awakening .

Hyssop - Distilled from the Hyssop flower. Sweet medicinal appealing scent, with stimulant and tonic benefits.

Angelica Root - Angelica root has a peppery, rich, herbal, earthy, woody and musk odor. Used very sparingly due to it's strength.