Pugilist Brand Beard Trimming Scissors. Now available for sale online September 25, 2015 19:15

Pugilist Brand Beard Trimming Scissors are specially designed to meet the contours and curvature of a bearded gentleman's face. 

Our stainless steel Beard trimming Scissors are curved like a scimitar sword, to produce exact cutting high tensile strength pressure, rather than flattening and compressing facial hairs before trimming, to accommodate specific cutting tasks with sharp surgical precision.

Pugilist Brand Beard Trimming Scissors create a very smooth action and a clean cut.  They grip beard hairs without pushing hairs down the closing aperture of the scissors, allowing for very precise trimming. 

Made of Stainless Steel,  measuring 5 1/2 " our beard trimming scissors are slightly larger than mustache scissors, but will also serve that purpose well, for the reasons outlined above.

 An ideal solution for  dispatching flyaway hairs & split ends, in addition to shaping your beard between appointments to a reputable beard barber. 


Illustration of a  medieval scimitar sword, used mainly in the middle east and adopted by some European countries, these type of swords with a curved blade meant it had a  had a pressure point for more precise slashing as opposed to stabbing or thrusting. A similar action is at work in our Beard & Mustache trimming scissors for precision.

The Pugilist Brand Beard trimming scissor is available for sale online here http://www.pugilistbrand.com/products/beard-trimming-scissors