New Eau de Cologne - Bay Rum & Cuban Tobacco fragrances April 24, 2016 13:39

This week we proudly launched our new range of unique artisan scents.  They're hand blended in an traditional eau de cologne base of alcohol & water for a long lasting, subtle, fresh and attractive manly aura throughout the day.

Originally formulated 400 years ago by an Italian perfumer Eau de Cologne was purveyed throughout the royal houses of Europe. It was named aqua mirabilis (Latin for miracle water). It is now generally called Cologne yet it's popularity among gentlemen has not waned.

We blend our scents with a rare approach to masculinity, strong not overpowering, exclusive yet appealing.

Perfect fusions of Tobacco, Rum, Spice, Amber, Wood & Musk from around the world. Pheremone aromas that are timelessly attractive and uncommon to generic store bought colognes & aftershaves.

We have initially released samplers of 2 original scents


Buccaneer Blend is a traditional Barbershop Bay Rum with Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cubano Rustico is a warm nostalgic Cuban Cigar shop aroma of fresh green tobacco with undertones of Ambergris & Musk.

We hope you'll enjoy wearing them as much as we loved making these original masculine scents. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Parfum, Fragrance & Essential Oils.

Test on a small area before use as fragrances may contain allergens