Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Gazette

New Mojito Peppermint & Lime Beard Oil May 4, 2015 18:04

Today Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products launches full 1 oz. bottles of Mojito Peppermint & Lime Beard Oil.

Beard care oil with refreshing Peppermint and uplifting Lime in our Premium Beard Conditioning Base Oil blend of Sweet Almond, Argan, Jojoba & Castor.

Cuba, an island of Classic 50's cars, cigars, baseball, Fidel Castro. Well... we found it really hard to reproduce those fragrances, and who wants to smell like a revolutionary octogenarian island leader anyway?! Instead we decided to craft our latest Beard Oil fragrance on one of Cuba's favorite drinks, made with refreshing Lime & Peppermint essential oils.

A wonderfully toning, cleansing, uplifting leave-in Beard conditioner with Pugilist Brand quality, made by Beardsmen for Beardsmen. Buy it online here at http://www.pugilistbrand.com/products/beard-oil-mojito

The Bearded Pioneer Sargeant Army Rank January 28, 2015 16:15

 Interesting story and some great historical pics of the only rank in the British Army allowed to wear a beard. The axe bearing Pioneer sargeant which has existed since the 1700's.

Must give her majesty a call and see if they can grant Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming products a royal warrant for our Beard Oil & Mustache Wax?

See the full story here;


The Bucardo Mustache Mug December 29, 2014 11:30

Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products come across items for the bearded and mustachioed gentleman that we think are worthy of highlighting, due to their artistic or utilitarian nature. Our friends at Bucardo have an item that we feel is noteworthy for both of these descriptions. As a mustachioed man who likes his morning coffee, or afternoon tea, we get constant drips from our magnificent mustache to our t-shirt, especially annoying if the t-shirt is white. The Bucardo mug is a solution to this mustachioed problem as it offers a built-in ceramic mustache guard specially designed to alleviate this annoyance.

Pugilist Brand Gentleman's Grooming Products will be adding The Bucardo Mustache Mug to our online store very shortly for only $22.  Now think about how many shirts you've ruined with coffee drips, and you'll soon realize the mug will pay for itself within a week.


Back in the day, a gentleman knew how to protect his moustache. Now, a 19th century staple is revived for the modern man. The Bucardo Mug features original artwork and a classic moustache guard, a specialized semi-circular ledge with an opening that allows for safe passage of beverages while protecting your ‘stache. This is the first in a series of Bucardo Mugs celebrating moustachioed gentlemen of the world.

* 13 oz ceramic mug with moustache guard 

* Original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan

* Dishwasher and microwave safe


Do Pugilist Brand Beard Care Products calm the savage beast? December 26, 2014 14:32

Photos from the study on aggression and beards

In a recent article from New Republic on beards and if wearing one makes the owner look older, more aggressive, and the all important question of if they help with attracting women? Read all about it in the article here;