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Bearded Wyndham Wizard TV adverts May 13, 2015 13:03


In case you haven't noticed, beards are now more and more popular in mainstream television ads. The guy selling the truck, driving the truck, working in the office, hanging out with his family has become bearded.

Here's a new series of TV ads featuring a bearded character. This one is for the Wyndham hotels chain and stars a ginger bearded whimsical wizard. 

A few bearded adverts here for your entertainment

Meet the Wyndham bearded Rewards Wizard




Crystal Ball




We've noticed Amish beards, Lumberjack beards, Wizard beards as well as regular old guy beards doing guy things. We'll post them in our blog when we find them. Let us know your feelings on all these beards in TV ads. Does it mean acceptance?