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Pugilist Brand Frontiersman Beard Oil: The official beard oil of Blacksmiths May 29, 2014 18:09


This is Reg and Ashley. They're working blacksmiths who travel around the San Fernando Valley & Greater Los Angeles area doing blacksmith work. I met them at Will Rogers State Park while I was doing a photoshoot for our new Pugilist Brand Frontiersman Beard Oil. Reg expressed interest and acquired a bottle. Luckily I had a few bottles with me. Just in case I smashed one and couldn't complete the photoshoot. Below are the finished photos I took in Topanga State Park. To me it completely validates the name of Frontiersman Beard Oil. Some might call it luck. I call it destiny!!

Pugilist Brand Frontiersman Beard Oil. 

A complex mixture of warm, smoky, indulgent, herbaceous, botanic & woody opulence; The smoky fragrance of Birch Tar and Coffee essential oils, combined with the aromas from the modern day frontiers of Asia and South America using Jasmine and Rosewood essential oils.  

Close your eyes, you're immediately transported to a log cabin in the wilderness, surrounded by exotic flora & fauna with a smoky campfire heating freshly brewed coffee.