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NEW Pugilist Brand Budget Beard Oil September 2, 2015 13:11

Introducing Pugilist Brand Budget Beard Oil, a lower cost Beard Care alternative to our Original & Exotic Beard Oils. A blend of 5 different  natural carrier oils in a lighter weight oil for fast absorption to Facial Hair & Skin, in addition to 100% Essential Oils, in a simple masculine fragrance.

You spoke and we listened. We understand that not everyone's pocket book extends to oils costing  many dollars more, especially in today's financially challenging times. There's now no reason Beardsmen shouldn't have the best possible facial hair for their specific budget.

You can vary between Original Beard Oils, Exotic Beard scents or Budget line product ranges and scents to help save a few dollars.  Use Budget Beard Oil during the week, or at work, switching to Original or Exotic Beard Oil for nights out and weekends?  Perhaps things are just a bit tight this month or you're between paychecks.............

 Whatever your circumstances, expand your beard oil product selection and price range choices so no Beardsman is faced with the dilemma of having to go without Beard Oil treatment .

A less expensive basic Beard Care Product solution, we still pack every bottle with a variety of high quality carrier oils to take care of your masculine mane, in addition to 100% aromatherapy cold pressed Essential Oils. There's simply less labor involved as we use basic manly scents, infusing 1 or 2 select Essential Oils in our Budget Beard Oil range.

What that means is a great beard maintenance and facial hair care, without breaking the bank.

Both Oils are available for purchase on our main website page here http://www.pugilistbrand.com/collections/beard-oil

Big Bear Pine is a mixture of Pine & Eucalyptus scents, a homage to the city of Big Bear, where majestic Pine trees cover the landscape and surround the popular lake of the same name.

 Located in the San Bernadino mountains and National Forest in California, Big Bear Mountain & Lake is a summer & winter destination for outdoorsmen, skiers, hikers, campers, boaters and serves as a training camp for world famous pugilists looking for training camp retreat at higher mountain elevation, prior to World Title Las Vegas fights. 

Cafe Americano is lightly scented with 100% cold pressed, natural Essential Oil from the coffee bean itself.  Coffee strengthens facial hair at the root. Aromatherapy benefits are that coffee stimulates the mind and aids mental focus.