Beard Oil Samplers à la carte

$ 6.00

Pugilist Brand Beard Oil samplers à la carte allows you to choose any Beard Conditioning Oil samples you want to test, in handy 5 ml size amber glass bottles with Euro dropper inserts.

Maybe you're new to Beard Oil, or unsure which Beard Oil scent you'll like best? Start right here by selecting the oils you are curious about trying as a beard softener and conditioner on your manly mane, without  the expense of buying a full 1 oz. bottle of  Beard Care Oil or one of our complete Beard Oil Sampler packs.

Pugilist Brand's Beard Oil Sampler bottle supplies enough natural beard elixir to last about a week of daily usage. Specifically, 1/6 oz (5ml) per 1.35 dram bottle!! Choose any quantity of the 9 aromatherapy essential oil based scents as listed below;

Absinthe - For all Bearded Bohemian artistes and lovers of Black Licorice. Aniseed & Fennel (black licorice aromas),  the musty bitterness of Wormwood with Hyssop, Coriander & Angelica Root herb & spice based Essential Oils.

Buccaneer Blend - Bay Rum and Woodsy Cedar Atlas will make it impossible for everyone not to love the cut of your jib.

Cedar Atlas Shrugged - Highly individualistic Essential Oil fragrances of  Cedar Atlas,Tea Tree,Grapefruit & Bergamot. 

Citrus Grove - Zesty tones of Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon & Lime invigorate and alert your olfactory senses and tone your skin.

Frontiersman - Capture the essence of a Frontiersman's outdoor journey. Masculine Earthy aromas of  Vetiver, Floral/Woodsy Jasmine & Rosewood with the Smoky campfire fragrance of Birch Tar & hints of Freshly Brewed Coffee. 

Mojito - Based on one of Cuba's favorite concoctions, with Lime & Peppermint essential oils. Refreshing, awakening mint meets zesty, lively Lime!

Shaman -  Transform your beard into a magical facial forest with a bouquet mixture of Herbal, Camphorous, Spice, Citrus, Pine & Floral scents with Clary Sage, Clove, Lemon Balm, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus(Radiata), & Rosemary Essential oils.

Vanilla & Sandalwood -  The sweet scent of Vanilla  combined with the woody smell of West Indian Sandalwood( Amyris).  The aroma is reminiscent of an aromatic Vanilla Pipe Tobacco.

Zen Musk - Achieve restful Zen with  our relaxing Beard Oil mixture of Lavender & Frankincense with hints of Patchouli Musk Essential Oils. A great oil for night-time use.


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