Beard Wash

Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Beard Wash Concentrate is a natural liquid concentrate formulated to gently clean surface dirt and debris from facial hair. Beard Wash Concentrate can be used as a frequent wash, without stripping natural body oils. 

Our Beard Wash punches well above it's weight. The small 2 oz bottle saves you money on shipping costs, however only a dime sized drop is required to cleanse the burliest of beards. Simply apply a very small amount of our natural Beard cleaner, work well through the beard, before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. 

Use  Pugilist Brand's Organic Beard Soap for deeper beard cleaning, available in the same 4 essential oil scents as our Beard Wash Concentrate.

Finish your beard care ritual by selecting one of our magnificent aromatherapy based Beard Oils.

Warning: May be habit forming, but don't worry, it's a great habit to have a clean, healthy, shiny, great smelling beard.