New Product Selections

New Beard Care, Mustache Styling, Shaving and  Gentlemen's Accessory Products. 

We're proud to introduce 8 new items to enhance the verve and style in your beard and mustache, with Pugilist Brand's naturally nourishing beard care, mustache styling & shaving products. 

  • Build a Custom Beard Care Box: Add the products you want and need to a hardwood grooming box, at a discounted price, compared to buying individual products.
  • Create a Custom Beard Care Kit: Make a Gift Kit by filling a Masculine Burlap bag. Get a price break on a few items. Comes complete with a double sided gift card & black and gold paper shred, which kinda beats having to wrap it yourself.
  • The Bucardo Mustache Guard Ceramic Coffee Mug: No more wiping your mouth with unsightly paper napkins. Don't spoil another shirt with beverage drops.
  • Gentleman's Compact Beard Comb:  A Hardwood Beard comb in a portable size for pocket or wallet, etched with our logo.
  • Five new Beard Oil fragrances:  In the same premium carrier oils as our original fragrances.
  • The Complete Collection Beard Oil Sampler Pack: All 9 beard oil fragrances for beardsmen on a budget, new to beard oil or just wanting to change the mood up a few times a week.
  • Pre-Shave Oil K.O Sampler Pack: All 4 Shaving Oils in a gift Kit
  • Absinthe Beard Oil 1oz bottle:  Black Licorice & Spice Scent. Aniseed & Fennel with Hyssop, Coriander & Angelica Root herb & spice essential oils, as faithful to the original 19th century recipe as we could make it.  A favorite tipple of many Belle Époque painters, writers, free-thinkers and madmen.