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  A passion for individuality, originality, natural ingredients and male traditional grooming rituals obligated us to to develop a complete line of beard care conditioners, mustache styling wax, men's hair pomade and shaving goods, using the best and most natural products available. Pugilist Brand customers celebrate resurgent masculinity, rather than merely enduring the necessary daily chores of grooming and styling. 

  A brand created to embody a modern gentlemen's fighting spirit, battling to revitalize Gentlemen's grooming,  while championing the importance of the age old, yet new again ritual of male ablutions.

Here's the story of how we made it easy to buy Premium Natural Beard Care Products online. 

Firstly, our choice of name, as we've had many questions about this;

Pugilist pu·gi·list

 noun: One who fights with his fists; especially a professional prize fighter; a boxer.
historical, humorous: From Latin pugil (boxer), from pugnus (fist). Earliest documented use: around 1740. 

  As a  boxing/UFC fan and former amateur boxer myself, being familiar with some of the old bare knuckle fighters, a John L. Sullivan and 'Gentleman' Jim Corbett type character was an obvious choice to characterize our masculine brand.

We designed a rebellious, stand-alone character image to represent our core beliefs of strength, wisdom, individuality & tradition.  The 'Bearded Boxer' logo found on all our containers combines Sullivan's legendary facial hair with Gentleman Jim Corbett's high standards. A symbol of our fight to bring back the paradigm of traditional grooming to the modern discerning gentleman who feels really passionate about personal hygiene, ritualistic male grooming, natural ingredients and a manly appearance, while smelling marvelous and looking awesome.   

Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products owner Tom Davidson

The concept of the online website and  store finally came about in late 2013 based on these concepts and months of research, in everything from the exact blend of nourishing oils, intoxicating  natural scents to unique packaging. We wanted to produce the best possible product, both in terms of beneficial natural ingredients and original complex scents, whilst engaging tactile and olfactory senses, without the harmful additives of the less expensive, chemical, disposable products, which can dry out skin and damage beard hair.  

 For ultimate UV light protection of the precious ingredients, amber glass jars & bottles with glass droplets metal tins were  selected.  A deliberate choice was made to use expensive glass containers instead of plastic containers, that may leach into the fine pomade, wax or oil. Traditional apothecary, steampunk style, sepia labels were artistically designed to showcase our unique style........ and so Pugilist Brand was finally born in early 2014. 

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Thanks for your support and keep fighting!

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