Q: There's a lot of grooming products out there. Why should I buy Pugilist Brand - Gentlemen's Grooming Products?

A: Quality, Unique, Hand Crafted products. Made in the USA from Natural Ingredients by an independent artisan family company, dispatched in glass amber containers for ultimate UV light protection, and sealed for your protection. Backed by personal, fast customer service with low shipping rates. ( Mustache Wax comes in a handy pocket sized tin container)

Q: Do you charge tax on your products?

A: Tax is included in our prices!!. All you pay for is shipping ( Check specific country laws for local import and custom duties on all International orders)

Q: What is in your products?

A: All product contents, benefits and scanned labels are displayed on each product collections page here;


Q: How much is shipping? 

A: As low as $2 using USPS for 1st class mail within the 48 lower contiguous U.S. States.  Other  shipping options are available, it depends what and how many you buy, and how quick you want it. All prices are calculated BEFORE you check-out. However we do hope you fully check out and buy some of our magnificent products. We want you to be a lifelong customer, so we make no money on shipping!

Q:  How long will it take for you to ship my order? I'm excited and I want it NOW!! 

A: We ship out on the same day if you place your order before noon. If you don't order by noon, the very next business day

Q: How do I track my order? I'm super excited!

A: We also shop on-line. Getting that package in the mail feels like a mini-Christmas ( at least that's how we feel). We send out a tracking number so you can trace your precious cargo every step of the way until it's in your hot little hands!!

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?

A: Yes, we do, again international shipping charges are calculated BEFORE fully checking out. Please contact us if shipping is an obstacle. We'll work something out. USPS has many options and we WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!

Q: How do we contact you?

A: Via e-mail at sales@pugilistbrand.com or simply click the following link to be taken to our 'Contact Us' page http://www.pugilistbrand.com/pages/contact-us. We check e-mails, as well as social media multiple times a day. We will get back to you on the same day, usually within minutes.

Q: What is your return and refunds policy?

A: All sales are final as each product is handmade in small batches and of a highly personal nature, however we want you to be happy and continue to be a lifelong customer. If you receive a product that you are dissatisfied with for ANY reason, please contact us immediately at sales@pugilistbrand.com or contact us at http://www.pugilistbrand.com/pages/contact-us.

Q: Are your products organic or vegan?

A:  Pugilist Brand products are sourced from organic ingredients. Only our Beard Soap is labelled as Organic. The lanolin in our mustache wax comes from sheep's wool and is pharmaceutical grade.

Q: Do you have distributors and/or retailers?

A: We are actively looking for both. Please contact us at sales@pugilistbrand.com

Q: What is a pugilist?

A: ˈPronounced pew-ja-list pyo͞ojəlist/ noun: One who fights with his fists; especially a professional prize fighter; a boxer.

historical, humorous: From Latin pugil (boxer), from pugnus (fist). Earliest documented use: around 1740. 
 As a lifelong boxing fan and former amateur boxer myself and being familiar with some of the old bare knuckle fighters, a John L. Sullivan type character for our logo and labels seemed an obvious choice to characterize our brand.
   We wanted to create a brand that would would embody our company's fighting spirit, fighting to revitalize highly personal male grooming traditions