Rogues Gallery

A random pictorial of magnificent mustaches, bountiful beards, super slick hairstyles, or just stuff we really like. We will make every effort to credit where possible, however we are only human, if you see an image you feel is copyrighted, you own or have not been credited for, or if you feel you don't deserve the reputation of rogue ( some are lovable), please feel free to contact us. We strongly encourage you to submit your own images to or tag us on Instagram @pugilistbrand. Find our images on Instagram at



This guy is all over the internet, who is he?               



George Best ( lovable rogue)             Credited above



Nice ride......... Vincent Black Shadow's cool too          



                           King George V - Great Beard!!




 Your's truly                                                     Tim in Santa Monica



Josh Santa Monica                                                 Scott Santa Monica



Pugilist Brand customer Tony                              Another of Your's Truly.............



Early artwork , done by a friend.                      George Bellows Painting of Jack Dempsey                     


Art & Edwin, 2 local Santa Monicans

          My local barbershop, Art the owner's 1962 Chevy Impala  


       Ricardo in Santa Monica


                  Two Satyrs - Peter Paul Rubens


Reg & Ashley. Modern Day Blacksmiths. Reg uses Pugilist Brand Beard Oil


A selection of 3 beards I met today in Venice, CA

Arthur, Dave & Berto. Berto is an alternative model and uses Pugilist Brand Beard Oil



I wear a lot of hats at this company. Sometimes even a helmet


A collection of Vicorian Gentlemen's facial hairstyles


... and on the 8th Day God created Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products 

19th Century explorer John Myers passport photo

Yours Truly after a fresh haircut sporting my handlebar freshly waxed with Pugilist Brand Mustache Wax

Pugilist Brand Mustache Wax customer handlebars425 sporting his "Snidely Whiplash"

The Apenine Colossus, Florence, Italy

 Parisian Jerri & his Magnificent Handlebar, visiting from France 


Men of 72 Highlanders who served in the Crimea War. William Noble, Alexander Davison and John Harpe


Collection of Victorian Beards



A couple of old school Mustaches : An Edwardian gentleman & Rollie Fingers

 Jason Momoa as a bearded Aquaman. First shot from Universal Pictures