Exotic Variety Beard Oil Sampler Pack

$ 29.00

Five exotic scented Beard conditioning oils taken from various cultures around the globe. These natural Essential Oil beard care sample sizes can be used as handy travel sized Beard Oils. 

Pugilist Brand's Exotic Variety Sampler Pack supplies enough beard care oil to last around a month of daily usage. Specifically, 1/6 oz (5ml) per 1.35 dram bottle!! Almost a fluid ounce (25ml) of beard oil combined.

Absinthe - For all Bearded Bohemian artistes and lovers of black licorice. Aniseed & Fennel with Hyssop, Coriander & Angelica Root herb & spice essential oils, as faithful to the original 19th century recipe as we could make it.  A favorite tipple of many Belle Époque painters, writers, free-thinkers and madmen.

FrontiersmanThe exotic fragrance of Jasmine, rich Vetiver & fragrant Rosewood combined with hints of Smoky Birch Tar & Indulgent Coffee,

Shaman -  A  magical herbal mixture of essential oils from many continents and cultures designed to improve bearded health and mental focus with a selection of 6 essential oils. Transform your beard into a mystical facial forest with Clary Sage, Clove, Lemon Balm, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus ( Radiata) & Rosemary Essential oils.

Mojito - Classic 50's cars, cigars, baseball, Fidel Castro. Well... we found it really hard to reproduce those fragrances, and who wants to smell like a revolutionary octogenarian island leader anyway?! Instead we decided on one of Cuba's favorite drinks with refreshing Lime & Peppermint essential oils.

Vanilla & Sandalwood -  The sweet scent of vanilla is combined with the woody smell of West Indian Sandalwood( Amyris).  We were pleasantly surprised to find the resulting aroma is reminiscent of an aromatic Vanilla Pipe Tobacco.

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