Bucardo Mustache Guard Coffee Mug

$ 22.00

Pugilist Brand Gentlemen's Grooming Products occasionally come across items for the beardsman and mustachioed gentleman that we think are worthy of highlighting, due to their artistic or utilitarian nature. Our friends at Bucardo have produced a wonderful item that we feel is noteworthy for both of these descriptions. As a mustachioed man sporting a large handlebar mustache who likes his morning coffee, or afternoon tea, we get constant drips from our magnificent mustache to our t-shirt, especially annoying if the t-shirt is white. The Bucardo mug is a solution to this mustachioed problem as it offers a built-in ceramic mustache guard, especially designed to alleviate this annoyance, whilst keeping your mustache looking stylishly waxed and your beard free of unsightly drips. Now think about how many shirts you've ruined with coffee drips, having to constantly re-style your mustache or the embarrassment of constantly dabbing coffee from your beard with napkins and you'll soon realize the mug will pay for itself within a week.

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