Gentleman's Classic Beard Comb

$ 14.00

Hardwood Beard Comb in a classic widetooth style. Hand finished in the USA from exotic, long-lasting hardwood, by Beardsmen for Beardsmen. Every Beard Comb is unique due to the grain of it's natural hardwood.

The Gentleman's Classic Beard Comb is approx. 4 3/4" X 2 1/4", a handy pocket size for constant beard grooming throughout the day. Each comb is hand sanded for smoothness, so there's no snags or yanking of precious beard hairs. Unlike inexpensive plastic combs, wooden beard combs do not create static, so they're just hands down better for your whiskers. 

The Gentleman's Classic Beard Comb is a necessity to gloriously groom and evenly distribute Pugilist Brand Beard Oils, as well as natural oils throughout your fantastic facial fleece and will last for years, if not decades.


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