The best 'How to tie a bow tie' video on Youtube March 21, 2014 10:10

Nothing to do with our products, but I guess you could say it's somewhat related to grooming, fashion, or maybe just how not to end up wanting to put the silly bow tie through a paper shredder. Firstly, I'm not a bow tie or suit kind of guy. Living near the beach in California, you'll usually find me in sweats, shorts or if I'm really dressed up a pair of jeans , however, we have been invited to a formal 'black tie' event this weekend in downtown L.A. Having bought my bow tie I have no idea how to tie it. So of course the first thing I did was Google and go to Youtube so I know how to tie it. After looking at some incredibly poor videos, including 

A video shot in black and white?? With about as much clarity of the bow tie as an original Harold Lloyd movie?!

A movie shot in what looked like a poorly lit broom closet, with the bow tie demonstrator's shadowy hands completely hiding any signs of a bow tie, a feat that would make David Copperfield himself jealous.

I found this video

The guy wears high contrast colors and talks slowly, so you know, you can actually follow him and see his tie. Just thought I'd share this for any reluctant 'black tie' event party goers................... now where is that punch bowl?!